Saturday, May 3, 2008

Government Gone Wrong

Oh. My. God.

The Office of Government Commerce, or OGC, is the treasury branch of the UK government. Some brainwave in a design firm in London came up with a great new logo, seen here:

They put this logo on mousepads, coffee cups, all sorts of promotional material. It cost them 14,000 Pounds just to have the logo designed. That's only about $30,000 CDN, for anyone who's interested in the conversion.

For the cost involved, you'd think they would be more...thorough. Obviously, they didn't look at this from all angles. If you turn that baby on its side, you get an entirely different logo:

I believe this is actually a much more accurate representation of any government department, regardless of country.

In the meantime, I'll bet employees are selling stuff with this logo on eBay. I'm going shopping!

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