Friday, June 5, 2009

Show me the money!

So, being single, it's tough to meet new people. I don't date from the work pool (not that I work with any single men anyway) and I'm not really into the bar scene. So I joined eHarmony a while back.

As I want the option of communicating with people who interest me, I pay for my membership. Membership is not terribly expensive, and if you pay attention to the promotions, you can get a short term membership really cheap.

There are several men who send icebreakers and such (wink, smile, whatever) for free, and never follow up when you express recipricol interest. The conclusion I draw from this is these are non-paying members hoping you have paid and will send them a message including contact info and an email address.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY??

In my mind, this is the dating website equivilent of asking a girl out then expecting her to pay for the whole tab. (I'm not opposed to going Dutch..) Or sending someone flowers COD.

I'm serious enough about finding a partner that I don't mind paying a small fee to use this website. When I see men trying an end run around the fee part, it makes me wonder if they are so cheap they don't want to pay, if they are not really serious (or worse yet, not really single) or if they just can't afford the $60 for a three month discount membership.

Needless to say, these guys quickly get crossed off the list of possible matches. You might be the greatest guy on the planet, but if you can't make a little effort, you aren't what I'm looking for.

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